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Motivation Ignited: 10 Ways to Set Your Self Motivation on Fire Launched 11/24!

Self Motivation is the way that you will be able to pull through when you feel like you have nothing left to give. This book offers you 10 ways to create the motivation and keep it flowing through the dream achieving process. Dr. Finch shares some examples of how the ways looked in action for her and how they can work for you! 

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes!

Wow September 24th was a great day! I loved all of the wishes and posts that came to my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is great to know people care! With this birthday comes many changes and new opportunities. I have new areas of focus to develop and grow.

Today is the First day of the rest of my life and I need to make the most of the days to come.

So be on the look out for the following things from me:

  • Motivation Ignited Book on Amazon coming out soon
  • Motivation Station Radio Show Every Sunday at 7pm CST at
  • Motivate Social Podcast Every Monday on, iTunes and YouTube
  • Many different interviews and Conference appearances
  • Conquer Your Fears and Monetize Your Purpose Webinar on 10/2. Register today at
  • Surveys about how I can help you and provide more value (So Please Answer Them :))

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By participating and supporting the items above you are becoming a part of the Dr. Finch Experience and it will help me tailor the things I put out to your needs!

SO until next time,

Dr. Finch #MuchLove

The Newest Huffington Post Article featuring Frank Salas

I am excited to announce my second Huffington Post article! This one is for my social media lovers! Frank Salas has gifted us with his tips on Emoji Marketing. So if you have been wondering about his reach and the combinations that he uses then you need to check out this article for sure!

Click here to check out the article on Emoji Marketing

To find out more about Frank Salas, click here