Sharing Phone Apps that I can not Live Without


People nowadays use their phones on a daily basis. People who travel a lot make their phones accessible to what they need to do especially their work or businesses. Most individuals have apps they cannot live without. Here are some of Dr. Aikyna’s favorites:


Dropbox is basically where you can keep all your files in one area. You can also sync your emails to your Dropbox as well. What is also cool about Dropbox is not only does it function like that, but it also has a voice system called DropVox. DropVox is for voice system so you can take voice memos. It also has an email section which links with your Google account. So If you want to remember something, if you want to do different types if information, or even if you want to create a 25-minute audio, you can do so and save it right into your Dropbox. You can also sync your pictures to your Dropbox with Carousel. It’s basically a whole productivity system.


You use this when you have a lot of business cards, when you are doing blog posts, or when you have different files you want to keep – you can definitely connect all of those files there. When you’re networking, there’s a possibility that you will get business cards from your networks. Now instead of keeping all those cards, you can just scan them in Evernote and then connect those people to your LinkedIn account and send them connections to LinkedIn. Instead of keeping their business cards, you can keep them all nice and neat in your contacts page. When you are travelling and need to submit a paper or a blog, you can send it through email directly to them right from Evernote because you have it connected to your email.


What Pomodoro does is that it’s a time keeper. Let’s say you are the kind of person who likes to procrastinate a lot. You can set it up, input the tasks there and then break them up into time sections so that you can manage your time. You can use this if you need something to keep you on track with doing your work on time. It can tell you when you need a break, it can tell you when your break is over, and it can tell you when you finished your work. If you are one of those people who get distracted easily, then this is a great app for you.


If you want to get your calendar straight, you can use Sunrise. Sunrise will connect to your calendars from your different social media accounts or emails. Once it connects to your calendars, it will put up a whole calendar chart. Your business schedules, plans with family, appointments, all of those things will all be in one spot and it will just notify you when it needs to. It is a very powerful scheduler. Sometimes we overbook ourselves, but with Sunrise we can put them all together in one spot and we avoid getting overbooked.


Cozi is where you can put all your family events and it also links to your computer and to your phones. With this app, your family can access the calendar and they can add what they are doing too – that way you can get information from everybody in the family and know exactly what everybody’s doing and you will never be off track.


It is a meditation app that actually gives you the music and the mantras. A lot of us don’t have down time as most of us just work and work until we get exhausted. Now we can schedule our self-care right from our phones. After we’ve been so productive we need a way to have time for ourselves. This app can let you decompress and get some self-care right from your phone.


Slack is a new email messaging tool for teams. Basically if you are a member of various teams, like direct marketing teams or if you have a business team, then you can all be on Slack and do direct messaging to each other. With Slack, you see what the other person is doing and what their working on and that way all your records of all the teamwork that’s happening is right there. You can work this app through your phone or your computer so you never miss any notifications from your team. You can set up a whole group or you can set up multiple groups. It is a great project management tool.

I would love the hear about the apps that you can’t live without! Also, lookout for the second part of this blog post coming soon!

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