I am a Featured Expert for the Women In Leadership World Summit 2

Greetings VIPs!!!

I’m so excited to be a FEATURED expert at the Women in Leadership World Summit-2! It’s a pretty awesome event with 20 female experts sharing their success tips and strategies on business and leadership with everyone who attends!

It’s coming up pretty quick and I wanted to make sure that I gave you the information for the event. Here’s the info below:

Name: Women in Leadership World Summit
Where: Online
When: Thursday, November 10th-Sunday, November 20th (10 full days!)
Cost: FREE to attend. All sessions will be up for 48 hours. (an ALL ACCESS Pass will be available)
url: https://bit.ly/WWSummit
My day: I’ll be speaking and Social Media Business Tips on Wednesday, November 16th!

Register for the event TODAY so you can get in on all of the giveaways that are happening!

Thanks so much for the support and see you online!

Dr. Aikyna Finch

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