Justin Brown
Justin Brown Biz

I got the honor and privilege of hearing Dr. Finch teach me about social media brand awareness and I was blown away by her expertise and clarity in what she taught! It was certainly a top-notch speech that I recommend for anyone looking to optimize their online presence.

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever
The Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women

Dr. Finch is an absolute genius when it comes to understanding how to utilize social media platforms in bold and impactful ways. Always on the cutting edge of the latest innovations, she is a true industry leader in this space. Just 10 minutes with her helped me to completely revamp my LinkedIn profile and benefits from those changes continue to compound daily. If you need to better understand social media and how to leverage it to the benefit of your bottom line, then you need to work with Dr. Finch.

Thema Azize Serwa
The Womb Sauna

I highly recommend Dr. Finch for passionate entrepreneurs who not only need business strategies to take them to the next level, but the self-confidence to get there. I experienced tangible, measurable results that not only helped me shift from “little Thema to big Thema”, I broke my profit records implementing the strategies discussed in my coaching sessions. I am so grateful and much more impactful as a result! The #HealEverything movement is at the next level!