Thema Azize Serwa
The Womb Sauna

I highly recommend Dr. Finch for passionate entrepreneurs who not only need business strategies to take them to the next level, but the self-confidence to get there. I experienced tangible, measurable results that not only helped me shift from “little Thema to big Thema”, I broke my profit records implementing the strategies discussed in my coaching sessions. I am so grateful and much more impactful as a result! The #HealEverything movement is at the next level!

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Sterling Clinton Spelman
Polished by Sterling

I had the honor of having Dr. Aikyna Finch has a Sponsor and Social Media Specialist for my recent conference in May called POLISHED Con: The Ultimate Personal Development Experience! Dr. Finch is a master at social media! First and foremost she eased my mind by taking cover the social media coverage of my event. As a conference/event host, you do not want to be personally worried about or responsible for creating a buzz on social media during your event. Hire Dr. Aikyna to take care of it for you!

Due to her awesome work, my event was recognized locally, nationally and internationally! Her social media expertise made me present on all of my social media platforms when I never picked up my phone or computer during the event! She is a class act!

I recommend Dr. Finch for your next event!

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Aprille Franks-Hunt
Coach, Speak & Serve

Aikyna was so flexible with our team as we had to change her role at the last minute when another team member couldn’t be present. This was at our most recent conference (EPIC) where a couple hundred entrepreneurs needed assistance in choosing their next level of business education. Aikyna was apart of our social media squad where her leadership and know-how led to us reaching 239,000 people during the course of that weekend! If you need someone who can lead – and understand the power of social – Dr. Aikyna is it!