Affirmations for a Woman on a Mission Journal


By: Dr. Aikyna Finch

Signed Copy of Book

Affirmations for a Woman on a Mission Journal is designed to encourage, uplift, and elevate your thinking as you step forward into your power, purpose, and destiny.

Affirmation journals will help you concentrate on your goals, change negative thought patterns into positive belief systems, and gain self-confidence. From the first page, you will encounter beautifully written affirmations by thirty-nine powerful, fulfilled, and successful women. They also share a few words of encouragement to help you realize your potential as you shift your mindset and identify self-limiting beliefs!

  • Daily Affirmations: Use these power statements to reshape your focus, mindset, and success.
  • Reflecting Reading: Below each affirmation is a short inspirational message to help you self-reflect.
  • Writing Prompts: Enjoy thought-provoking questions that help you recognize self-limiting thinking patterns or lies you have lived by holding you captive. You will deepen your self-awareness as your write.
  • Free Style Writing Areas: Use these pages to clarify your vision and next steps for your future as you walk into your destiny.
  • Connection points: You will enjoy the truths shared with each writer. Click the link at the bottom of each page to continue to be inspired by women who have found the truthembraced truth, and are now living in abundance produced by fact!


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