Dear Dad: Letters To Our Fathers


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Dear Dad……It is often said that you are needed, but an explanation is not always given. It is often said the mother is always needed, but the need of fathers is overlooked. Our dad’s struggle with misinformation when it comes from a place of resentment and reoccurring pain. We hope that the information can be received differently when it is coming from the children. Have you ever envisioned embracing the thoughts of have a relationship with your dad? Would you cancel plans with your friends, just to have quality time with him? Would it be rewarding if you and your father made the effort and time to get to know each other, instead of it feeling like a chore?Not having the best experience with the man who helped in creating you leaves you with question and seeking answers. You question and want to know what he was thinking and what has happened to him, in the past, to make him feel he was not needed. Children deserve to know the answers to the following questions: Did someone devalue your worth and make you feel like it was okay to disappear? Where you not equipped with the tools to be a dad? Was your dad present in your life? Are you repeating what your dad did to you?There are dads who anticipate being dads. These dads enjoy their roles, are hands on, and willing to go through the hard and unknown times with their children. These dads take pride in and understand the importance of manhood and being a dad who will guide their children through life. These dads show up bearing gifts of love and endless hugs that makes you want to return for more. These dad’s actions speak volumes.Have you ever considered expressing your inner thoughts, about having a relationship with a male figure, in a letter? The letter can benefit your dad, those who are already dads who need clarification, and future dads. Your experience with your dad can be the gateway to open the lines of communication. It can also inform him of how you appreciate him, and all his efforts of leaving a lasting impression in your life. Dads we need you! We want to understand your language. We want to know your plight in being a man, dealing with issues, and not complaining. You are needed, regardless of what society says or the negativity that comes your way. We need your perspectives on life. We need your guidance on life’s issues, based on your life experiences. Join us as these authors share their stories and experiences with their dad, how it affected their lives as children, and now as adults.

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