Dear Mom: Letters To Our Mothers


Dear Mom, who is called the heart of the home. Who wakes up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the day, regardless, of how they feel. Makes sure everybody else is taken care of first and always the last to make time for herself.

The multitasker who juggles multiple things throughout the day and the last to fall asleep at night. Mothers are celebrated worldwide and given passes due to being a mom. The prayer warrior when it’s time for war and the clean-up woman when there’s a mess to clean.

However, what happens to the mothers who left their child but still want to receive the recognition for the everyday mom? What happens when the relationship goes astray due to their absence? Or when the children struggle to connect with the reality of a broken relationship?

Sharing these stories from the children perspective can provide hopes and even answers on how we can grow and heal together. Passing the baton is vital not only in this generation but generations to come. These authors share the light and dark moments in this book in hopes to provide hope to many.

Join us in making a difference with our stories in Dear Mom. Enjoy!


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