This anthology showcases nine women and one man that empower the world through their messages and businesses. The authors have lived their lives to empower, encourage, motivate, and inspire others along the way. In a world where people are for themselves, these authors share the importance of standing in the gap for others and being an example of truth and hope every day.

As you read each chapter, be open to the journey and lessons presented by each author. Each journey is different, but they all lead to each author finding their truth and purpose. It shows that even though the journey is different, they all ended at the ultimate goal. Feel free to reach out to each author and tell them how their chapter resonated with you and make a connection. It is our hope that once you read these stories of empowerment, you will see how you can empower others in your life as well. You have the power within you. It’s time to share it with the people who need it in this world!

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